Land for Sale and Investment in Staffordshire

Welcome to the Land Investment Group specialising in Land for Sale and land investments in and around Staffordshire. We list real land investment opportunities for those who wish to benefit from the tremendous profits available.
The demand for land in Staffordshire continues to grow exponentially as the population increases and land has become a popular alternative investment model.

Staffordshire Land for Sale with or without Planning

We advertise land for sale with and without planning permission in Staffordshire. Land for sale with outline planning is of course far more expensive than land for sale without. Land for sale without planning permission has become a very attractive alternative investment vehicle used by many institutional investment companies and private investors alike.

Invest in Land for Sale in Staffordshire

For those wishing to speculate in land that is for sale around Staffordshire it can provide tremendous profit opportunities, especially where change of use is concerned, and investing in land is simpler and easier than investing in property.

Land is a finite resource that can not be manufactured and with the largest growth in population for decades the need for land for house building has never been greater. It is estimated that a further 5 million homes will be required in the UK by 2020.

Agricultural Land for Sale

The price of agricultural land has more than doubled in value since 1995 and are expected to double again. Land prices are being driven by the acute housing shortages, and with the increase in marriage breakdowns there is a high demand for homes for single accommodation.

Staffordshire brown field Land for sale

Brownfield sites are plentiful in and around Staffordshire. The Land Investment Group can help you to find brownfield land for sale in different locations in Staffordshire such as Newcastle under Lyme, Loggerheads, Madeley, Ashley etc. The price of brownfield land in Staffordshire has increased in value since the governments announcement  to make planning easier to get approved.

Invest in Land For Sale Staffordshire

We provide expert advise on the purchase of land and how to sell land so if you are considering land as an investment contact us for a friendly discussion on how we can help.

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